The Science

SmartZYME™ is a "game changer" in DHA Omega 3 pet nutrition.

Stop feeding harmful fish oil. Feed your pet SmartZYME™ to get DHA fresh from its source!

You may already know the health benefits of Omega-3 and why DHA is the most important fatty acid. It’s been shown to improve and even prevent many chronic health issues including heart disease, inflammation, asthma, arthritis, and certain cancers, just to name a few.

However, our bodies do not produce nearly enough DHA to satisfy the demand within our cells. The DHA we require to function properly must come from food or supplements such as fish oil. 

But fish oil is an imperfect solution to providing this critical nutrient. To extract the oil from fish requires heat, heat destroys the metabolic enzymes that algae possess to produce additional DHA. And, extracted fish oil is extremely prone to damaging oxidation. Once the package is opened, fish oil oxidizes quickly and spoils, often long before the expiration date. Oxidized fish oil is toxic and is very bad for people and pets who consume it. 

Fish get DHA from eating ocean algae, but the extraction process to make Omega 3 oil is fraught with problems. SmartZYME™ delivers the most natural, bioavailable DHA nutrition directly from the source: ocean algae and without all the problems.

Why Choose SmartZYME™?

All Natural

SmartZYME™ is grown from 100% all natural, non-GMO ingredients. Contains NOTHING synthetic or artificial and has no fillers.


SmartZYME™ is brined to preserve its natural freshness. SmartZYME™ is the only Omega 3 product to deliver highly bio-available DHA, complete with active DHA producing enzymes.


SmartZYME™ is sustainably-grown 
and organic Golden Algae

Grain Free

SmartZYME™ is grain free and does not contain any of the glutens that can trigger allergic reactions.

Made in the USA

SmartZYME™ is sustainably-grown and cultivated in a contaminant-free 
environment in Maine.

Developed Specifically for Pets
by a Team of Scientists and Pet Lovers!

SmartZYME™ adds bio-available DHA
directly to your pet’s food.

  • SmartZYME™ is grown from algae that produces only DHA — the most important Omega 3 fatty acid. SmartZYME™ works to directly convert glucose to (DHA laden) healthy fats. Unlike all other Omega 3 products available, we do not extract oil from the cells, nor do we use damaging heat in any part of our process to make SmartZYME™. SmartZYME™ is natural, whole cell DHA nutrition that uniquely preserves the active DHA producing enzymes. The enzymes work to multiply the amount of DHA in the body and thereby benefit cognition, circulation, mobility, weight management and restore balance to the metabolism.
  • Unlike most DHA products, SmartZYME™ is a fresh, wholesome food that is not processed or chemically extracted and has no added synthetic or artificial ingredients. 
  • SmartZYME™ is produced in a sterile proprietary growing system.
  • The enzymes specific to SmartZYME™ directly convert glucose and fructose to healthy good fats in the body.
  • SmartZYME™ adds the most highly bio-available DHA directly to your pet’s food to improve health, vitality, metabolism, memory and cognition!

SmartZYME™ is the ONLY DHA product available with
ACTIVE DHA producing enzymes!

Read our White Papers to learn why SmartZYMETM  should be a part of your pet’s healthy diet.



  • Fish oil manufacturers use heat in the production process that destroys any of the special enzymes that algae naturally possess, thus limiting the health benefits that might be derived from Omega 3 nutrients. The whole cell DHA nutrition offered by SmartZYME™ is the safer, better solution. Any benefits to brain, heart, and metabolic health derived from Omega 3 extracted oils are therefore vastly limited compared to the whole cell DHA nutrition offered by SmartZYME™.
  • The process to extract Omega 3 fatty acids from fish causes extracted Omega 3 oils to begin to spoil the moment the package seal is broken and the contents are exposed to the air.  Toxic oxidation can begin to occur within weeks; much sooner than the date stamped on the package. The antioxidants added by manufacturers offer little added protection. Once this damaging oxidation process starts there is no going back!
  • Oxidized fish oil is toxic and can poison your pet – we advise that you throw it out! Order SmartZYME™, the safer alternative.
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