SmartZYME™ - The Proprietary DHA Daily Supplement!

That Protects & Rejuvenates Your Pet From The Inside Out!

Watch Our Video & Discover how your pet can live a happier, healthier life! 

 Find out Why Fish oils can become toxic & harm your pets!

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  SmartZYME™ is Vital to Your Pet's Health!

If Your Pet Has ANY of These Symptoms SmartZYME™
 is the Solution ... 

  • Dry Itchy Skin
  • Diabetes
  • ​Obesity
  • ​Hot Spots & Sores
  • ​Excessive Shedding
  • ​Metabolic Syndrome 
  • ​Physical Signs of Aging 
  • ​Lack of Energy 
  • ​Hip or Joint Pain  / Arthritis
  • ​Allergies 
  • ​Loss of Memory and Cognitive Function 

  Help Your Pet Live a Healthier & Happier Life with SmartZYME™!

SmartZYME™ helps support your pet's mobility, circulation, and metabolism, while promoting healthy brain function, healthy skin, and a shinier coat! 

  Why DHA is Important

SmartZYME™ is the Key to a Happier & Healthier Pet! 

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are healthy fats that your pet needs to be healthy!
DHA is the most important and critical of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids

DHA is a key building block for brain, eye, joint and circulatory health in your pet's. DHA is essential for optimal health and vitality at every stage of your pets life. 
Pets do not produce DHA naturally!  The ONLY way for your pet to get DHA is through nutrition.
Animals used to get DHA from their diet of natural foods but now even the "healthiest" "high-quality" pet foods lack the essential nutrients needed for your pet to live the happiest and healthiest life possible. 
SmartZYME™ Is The ONLY Product That Delivers Clean & Safe DHA

   SmartZYME'S™ special metabolic enzymes continuously produce even more DHA in your pet's body!  

  Choose SmartZYME™ Because

  All Natural 
SmartZYME™ is made with 100% all natural Ingredients without Fillers.
SmartZYME™ is preserved Fresh to Deliver Highly Bio-Available DHA and Active Enzymes without Synthetic Preservatives.
SmartZYME™ is organic and Sustainably Grown Golden Algae
 Grain Free
SmartZYME™ has none of the Glutens that can Trigger Allergic Reactions in Some Pets
 Made in the USA
SmartZYME™ is cultivated and Grown in a Pristine and Controlled Environment in Maine.
 Lab Tested
SmartZYME™ is quality tested for Purity and Potency. 

Use SmartZYME™ Daily! Guaranteed to Dramatically & Visibly Improve your Pet's Quality of Life! 

 The Science Behind SmartZYME™

Developed Specifically for Pets by a Team of Scientists and Pet Lovers! 

SmartZYME™ adds bio-available DHA directly to your pet's food. 
  • SmartZYME™ is produced from a species of golden, NON-GMO, whole-cell, protein-rich algae in a proprietary growing system.
  • ​Fresh, whole cell DHA nutrition with no added artificial or synthetic ingredients. 
  • ​It is cultivated and grown in a proprietary, pristine, and controlled environment for purity and potency in Maine. 
  • ​The Enzymes specific to SmartZYME™ directly convert glucose to healthy good fats in the body. 
  • ​Our special process keeps these DHA producing enzymes active and intact to continue to produce DHA in the body long after it has been consumed.

SmartZYME™ is the ONLY DHA product available with ACTIVE DHA producing enzymes!

Add SmartZYME™ to your Pets Food 
to Protect and Rejuvenate Your Pet at the Cellular Level! 

 The Hidden Dangers of Fish Oil!

There's a problem with all types of Omega 3 Oils....
the OIl can be toxic to your pet! 
Heres Why: Oxidation and Neurotoxicity! 
  • The Oil can start to oxidize the moment it is exposed to air
  • ​​Fish oil and other forms of DHA oils can start to spoil (oxidize) within weeks once the bottle is opened and even faster if exposed to heat or light  
  • ​Once the oxidation process starts there is no going back
  • ​Oxidized fish oil is a neurotoxin that can poison your pet 
  • ​The oils contain "fillers" that may not have any benefit to your pet.  
  • Manufacturers of Fish Oil use heat in the production process which destroys these critical enzymes so they are no longer able to produce DHA. 


 Pets Love SmartZYME™!

"My dog Captain had suffered from itchy dry skin since he was a puppy and i tried EVERYTHING! ($$)
After 2 weeks of using SmartZYME™ the itching is almost gone, he's not chewing his paws and his coat feels softer!"
I cant thank you enough!
-Kevin C. & Captain
"They were both showing signs of allergies and shedding like crazy. We started giving them SmartZYME™ and the difference in a month was amazing. They are growing, happy, playful and no more shedding or anxious behaviors. They love it and I love it!"
Karen C. - Mushu & Kai
"My dog Max wouldn't even get off the couch before SmartZYME™. Now he meets me at the door and wants to go hiking again. Its like I got my best buddy back! 
SmartZYME™ has truly changed our lives for the better!"

-Jess & Max
"My 16 year old Bichon Poodle Mix recently became lame (rear legs) with no use of them. Since using SmartZYME™ I've seen a marked difference in his cognitive level as well as his overall strength!  I'm afraid of running out... thank you for developing such an incredible product!"
Kind Regards
-Claudia H. 

No More Skin Issues After SmartZYME™!

"My cat has been battling skin issues his entire life. He gets crazy hot spots and is constantly licking his irritated skin. I tried SmartZYME™ and within a few weeks the itching stopped. Then when I ran out the itching came back. SmartZYME has done miracles for Chester! I just wish I had found SmartZYME™ sooner!"
- James B. & Chester

My Dog is Walking Again!

"I must tell you the change I've seen in my Moppie since I started giving her SmartZYME™. She has an injured leg and has been limping for months. We tried PT, but it didn't seem to help much. Then our vet recommended cortisone shots, which I was ready to try, when a friend gave me a pack of SmartZYME™ Within DAYS I noticed an increase in her mobility and strength! About a week later we were in New York City. I couldn't believe how she was running and literally pulling me down the city blocks on her leash. She loves the taste and looks forward to SmartZYME™ everyday!" 
- Susan F. & Moppie

My Cats Can't Get Enough!

"My two Siamese absolutely love SmartZYME! They always had good appetites, but when I add it to their fresh meals, they now gobble them down in record time. For the two months I have been using SmartZYME both of their coats are shinier…their energy level has increased…and their overall vitality is enhanced. They are happy, more interactive, and I’m sure they are even healthier than before. Thank you for developing this excellent product!
- Franci R, Zozo & Sophie

Get Answers with Dr. Jeff Feinman, BA, VMD, CVH!

World renowned Holistic Vet and founder of Holistic Actions, Dr. Jeff Feinman, discusses his experience using SmartZYME™. 

Which Pets Need SmartZYME™?

  • Dogs & Puppies  
  • Cats & Kittens 
  • ​Every pet can benefit from SmarZYME™ 
  • ​Use proactively (before symptoms start) to prevent future illness and disease
  • ​Add SmartZYME™ to your pets food to improve vitality & balance 

What Symptoms does SmartZYME™ help solve?

  • SmartZYME™ does not cover up symptoms
  • ​Symptoms are external indicators of an internal health issue
  • ​SmartZYME™ restores balance to alleviate symptoms
  • ​SmartZYME™ positively affects behavior, energy, appetite, and mood
  • ​SmartZYME™ naturally cures symptoms from the inside out 

What Have Your Patients Experienced Using SmartZYME™? 

  • ​Vast improvements in patients symptoms and overall health
  • SmartZYME™ helped a paralyzed dog start to walk again 
  • ​SmartZYME™ cured a dog of dementia symptoms 

Why is SmartZYME™ better than Traditional Fish Oils for DHA? 

  • Capsules are full of "other" oils
  • When those oils go bad it can harm the body
  • SmartZYME™ is not oil based 
  • ​Preserved fresh for maximum vitality and bio absorption 
  • ​SmartZYME™ helps the body produce its own DHA 
  • ​Fish oils are heat or pressure processed killing the key enzymes

 About Us 

Hiro Hara & Boo Boo

Hi. I’m Hiro, co-founder of PhytoSmart. I grew up in a family of veterinarians in Japan where there were always animals of one sort or another underfoot. My mother used to prepare all the food that was fed to our pets and the animals that boarded with us from fresh ingredients bought daily at the local farms and market stands. It was time consuming, I know, because my job was to pick up and deliver all of the ingredients each day from the different farms before school in time for her to prepare. But, we knew exactly what our animals we were eating. 
So I didn’t follow my family’s path to become a veterinarian, but I did become a scientist who is always looking for better solutions to solve problems. I was working with different algae when I became intrigued by the variety of algae species that would benefit pets' nutrition and overall health. 

Much work and many sleepless nights led me to a species of golden algae that has a very high content of DHA, the most essential Omega 3 fatty acid. This species is more difficult to grow because instead of sunlight it needs a different energy source to flourish. This led us to design a completely unique sterile system to grow and harvest our algae culture.

We have perfected our brand of DHA that we call PhytoSmart™. Now PhytoSmart™ inside, SmartZYME™,is now available to you as a fresh pet vital DHA nutrient that you can mix easily into wet or dry pet food, dispense into aquarium tanks for better fish nutrition and improve metabolic imbalances in horses too. 

We know many pet owners are already buying fish oil to supplement their pet's DHA Omega 3 needs. But fish oil can become a neurotoxin that can greatly damage your pet's brain health, when it becomes old. That's why it is important to us that SmartZYME™ is a fresh food ingredient. And the benefits to your pet multiplies not just by eating it, but because our special process keeps the DHA producing enzymes active and intact to continue to produce DHA in their body long after they eat it. Your pets will thank you for it!

Hi. I’m Deena the other force behind PhytoSmart™ and our game-changing first product, SmartZYME™. My love affair with animals began when I got my first pet, a French Bull Dog, when I was 3 years old. I named him Romeo. 
We were inseparable until I left home for college and my memories of him are the happiest! Over the years, I’ve owned many more pets; dogs and cats and even some rescues. I always think back to Romeo who taught me that I always want to make pets part of my family. 

We developed SmartZYME™ with our pets’ well being in mind and now we are grateful to share it’s amazing benefits with your beloved furry family members. I want your pets to live the happiest and healthiest life possible. 

Deena Sisitsky & Mopsie

  SmartZYME™ is Perfect for ALL Pets!

With SmartZYME™ all of your pets can live a happier, healthier & longer life!


 Small Mammals



 Your Pets Love SmartZYME™ and so will You!

We Guarantee It! 

We believe every pet should feel their very best so we want you to have the chance to give SmartZYME™ a try for a full 30 days. 
If you don't see visible results and your pet doesnt absolutely love it, send it back (even the empty packages) and we will refund your money. 

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