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"We pledge that our DHA Omega 3 for dogs, cats and other pets when fed daily, will help to keep your pets active and vital and 'by your side' where they belong for a long, long time."

SmartZYME™ offers Omega 3 plant based DHA nutrition for pets of all sizes. It is a safe, natural, whole-cell golden algae Omega DHA nutritional supplement that helps protect and repair your pet’s health. You love your loyal friend and when adding SmartZYME™ to their favorite food you are giving them everything they need to stay active longer and live healthier lives. When eaten daily, SmartZYME™ helps support cognition and brain health, reduces allergic reactions and alleviates skin/coat issues, helps improve circulation and mobility, repairs metabolisms, and more.

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Our product is non-GMO, vegan, plant based DHA with active docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-producing metabolic enzymes. DHA is the missing nutrient whose absence can lead to many chronic illnesses.

Our all-natural algae Omega 3 supplement is a safer alternative to all extracted Omega 3 oils, which can quickly oxidize and become toxic if consumed. SmartZYME™ helps protect dogs and cats from illnesses that fish oil or even algae Omega 3 oil doesn’t — such as diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, brain dysfunction, and others. When providing Omega 3 for dogs, cats and for all your animals, choose SmartZYME™, it’s the safest DHA nutrition you can find.

Omega 3 deficiency is an ever increasing “modern” problem not only for dogs and cats, but for all farm animals and even the fish in our aquariums. All creatures need DHA Omega 3; the critically missing nutrient for optimum health. The DHA and special DHA producing enzymes contained in every serving of SmartZYME™ provide the vital

Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs, cats, and other pets that STOP the accumulation of saturated fats. When unhealthy saturated fats accumulate, it can lead to many of our so-called “modern illnesses” that plague pets and people alike including diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and even certain cancers.

We at PhytoSmart are “pet people”. We are pet parents. We care about the well-being and vitality of our pets. They are our family. And so we pledge that our DHA Omega 3 for dogs, cats and other pets when fed daily will help to keep your pets active and vital and “by your side” where they belong for a long, long time.