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Blizzard has a shinier coat and no longer gets eye infections when going to the doggy hotel, thanks to SmartZYME™!

– Ben C. & Blizzard

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Now Walking Up to 3 Miles A Day!

This is Lilly. I adopted her at 10 years old from a high kill shelter in South Carolina last May. When she arrived she could barely use her hind legs because her hips were so arthritic. I took her to a local vet and got her some acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  Slowly she began walking farther than the end of my driveway and back. She also started losing weight. I found out about SmartZYME™ in December and began mixing it into Lilly’s food. She then started walking with me on the mountain road walking steep hills 3 miles a day.  Adopting a senior is an amazing experience, I highly recommend it and I know that by giving her SmartZYME™, I’m extending her quality of life so we can enjoy each other for as long as possible. 

– Lisa S. & Lily

"Amazing Results" with SmartZYME - Debbie & Jack

Amazing Results

“Jack is having amazing results with SmartZYME. The owners of PhytoSmart are clients so I tried it. Jack’s skin is so much softer, no meds for itchy skin and I think it’s the reason he now only takes 50% of his thyroid medicine. Try it, you’ll be surprised how beneficial SmartZYME is.”

– Debbie H. & Jack

No More Itchy Skin!

“My dog Captain had suffered from itchy dry skin since he was a puppy and i tried EVERYTHING! ($$) After 2 weeks of using SmartZYME™ the itching is almost gone, he’s not chewing his paws and his coat feels softer!”

I can’t thank you enough!

– Kevin C. & Captain

My Dog is Walking Again!

“I must tell you the change I’ve seen in my Moppie since I started giving her SmartZYME™. She has an injured leg and has been limping for months. We tried PT, but it didn’t seem to help much. Then our vet recommended cortisone shots, which I was ready to try, when a friend gave me a pack of SmartZYME™ Within DAYS I noticed an increase in her mobility and strength! About a week later we were in New York City. I couldn’t believe how she was running and literally pulling me down the city blocks on her leash. She loves the taste and looks forward to SmartZYME™ everyday!”

– Susan F. & Moppie

Jess & Max - The Benefits of DHA for Pets

I Got My Best Buddy Back!

“My dog Max wouldn’t even get off the couch before SmartZYME™. Now he meets me at the door and wants to go hiking again. It’s like I got my best buddy back! SmartZYME™ has truly changed our lives for the better!”

– Jess & Max

They Love It, And I Love It Too!

“They were both showing signs of allergies and shedding like crazy. We started giving them SmartZYME™ and the difference in a month was amazing. They are growing, happy, playful and no more shedding or anxious behaviors. They love it and I love it!”

– Karen C. – Mushu & Kai

Thank You For Developing Such An Incredible Product

Thank You For Developing Such An Incredible Product
“My 16 year old Bichon Poodle Mix recently became lame (rear legs) with no use of them. Since using SmartZYME™ I’ve seen a marked difference in his cognitive level as well as his overall strength! I’m afraid of running out… thank you for developing such an incredible product!”

Kind Regards
– Claudia H.

No More Skin Issues After SmartZYME™

“My cat has been battling skin issues his entire life. He gets crazy hot spots and is constantly licking his irritated skin. I tried SmartZYME™ and within a few weeks the itching stopped. Then when I ran out the itching came back. SmartZYME™ has done miracles for Chester! I just wish I had found SmartZYME™ sooner!”

– James B. & Chester

The Difference is Pretty Dramatic

Maddie is 13 plus and has arthritis in her rear legs and is experiencing canine cognitive disorder. She was started on SmartZYME™ and has improved and is now sleeping through the night. Before SmartZYME™ she was up at night with her doggie dementia. She is also walking up and down stairs more freely. The difference is pretty dramatic and I am no longer sleep deprived!

– Susan K. & Maddie

Since I have been using SmartZYME™ she barely sheds.
I can’t believe it! 

“I rescued my dog Lilly last year at the age of 10. Since I’ve had her I’ve been through two shedding seasons and the amount of hair coming off of her was crazy, especially in June. Since I have been using SmartZYME™ she barely sheds. I can’t believe it!  Her coat is silky smooth and beautiful.  Adopting a senior has been the greatest gift to me and I want to give her the best quality of life possible and with SmartZYME™ I know I am doing just that.  Thank you and my couches thank you. lol. 
– Lisa S. & Lilly