Is Your Dog Ready for Spring?

Prepare Your Dog for Spring the Natural Way - Phytosmart

While many of us may not be ready to head back outdoors just yet, you can bet our dogs have their vacation plans all worked out and ready to go. With warmer temperatures and clearer skies on the way, now is a particularly opportune time to start preparing your dog for an increase in physical activity and make sure they have the nutrition and vitality they need to stay active. 

The Spring and Summer Effect

How much of an impact do the spring and summer months really have on our dogs?

As with their human counterparts, dogs are susceptible to the rigidity, decline in muscle strength, and (yes) laziness that often accompany long periods of inactivity, and the abrupt shift from wintertime hibernation to the hustle and bustle of spring activities can overstress a dog’s system to the point of discomfort or even injury. Promoting a moderate exercise regimen–even if that doesn’t involve leaving the house–can go a long way toward helping dogs shake off the cold weather lifestyle and ease into spring safely. 

Alongside the uptick in physical activity, spring and summer also tend to bring more frequent and extensive exposure to the elements and all that entails. While most of us are familiar with the more severe perils posed by warm weather (e.g. mosquitoes and heat stroke), it pays to take precautions for some of the less dramatic but still pertinent challenges you and your dog are likely to face. From navigating densely-populated dog parks to breathing in pollen-laden air, the potential for infection, irritation, and injury increases as a natural consequence of being outdoors and being active. Though physical fitness is undoubtedly an asset, ensuring that your dog possesses the fortitude and robust immune health they need when enjoying the outdoor environment is ultimately a matter of nutrition. 

Fortifying Your Dog’s Health the Natural Way

When it comes to pet nutrition, the natural solution is often the best solution. DHA, the most important Omega-3 fatty acid and a source of vital nutrients for pets and humans alike, confers significant health benefits when consumed regularly, boosting a dog’s vitality and mobility from the inside out and gradually establishing a new baseline for wellness. By relying entirely upon non-GMO ingredients derived from ocean algae, DHA naturally and safely enriches a dog’s physical constitution and begins to resolve underlying health conditions, restore energy, and promote improved cognitive function in a matter of weeks. DHA has even been shown to alleviate the effects of allergies and chronic illnesses, including heart disease, inflammation, arthritis, and asthma!

Before you get back to reveling in the outdoor lifestyle, make sure all of the tail-wagging members of your family receive the vitality and comprehensive protection that can carry them through each day of “vacation season”, and take a look at all-natural SmartZYME™ Omega-3 DHA for dogs today. Happy Spring!