Benefits of SmartZYME Enzymes

Enzymes are protein catalysts that function to create a chemical reaction in the body. SmartZYME contains enzymes that change sugars to good fats and are very beneficial in the body.

Obesity and Weight Management:  
Metabolic enzymes in SmartZYME produce a high amount of DHA in the body
It converts glucose to good fats (including DHA), rather than to saturated fats that might accumulate in the body.
Studies show that high amount of DHA in the body will increase Basal Metabolic Rate to consume additional energy, and thereby promote excess weight loss and optimal weight management.
The lack of these metabolic enzymes in the highly over processed typical American diet, may be contributing to the accumulation of accumulated bad fats.
DHA and other Omega 3 Fatty Acids are round molecule as opposed to saturated fat that are straight line long chain carbon molecule. Even at room temperature saturated fat like lard, butter, or coconut oil are solid. Omega 3 is fluid and stay liquid under very low temperature, because of the spherical molecule. It melts away fat, and help circulate matters throughout the body. Also, the space it holds with double bond electron will allow signal to go through. That is why it is important for brain membrane. It is important for eyes, and other vital system.

Brain Development;
Like part of the colostrum protein that gives infants the immune antigen, other vital foreign proteins (vital enzymes) may be transferred from mothers to babies. But this depends on the mother’s reserve. As part of the vital metabolic enzyme build up, SmartZYME may prove to be very valuable for younger animals. A small amount may go a long way to creating a healthy lifestyle.

How do the metabolic enzymes produce DHA?

SmartZYME is made from C. cohnii cells. C. cohnii is known to produce DHA from glucose, ethanol (alcohol), or acetic acid (vinegar) directly. Essentially, it converts sugar into good fats among which includes DHA . So, if these metabolic enzymes are present to replace other metabolic enzymes that convert sugar into bad fats (saturated fats that accumulate in the body as solids). the body will start replacing bad fats to good fat production. And SmartZYME enzymes do not require other poly-unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)’s as a precursor pathway to conversion.
There is another known pathways in nature that results in DHA production. The more common enzymes require ALA to be converted to longer chain (PUFA’s) (24:5n-3), which is two more carbon molecules Omega 3 fatty acid than DHA, and then converted back to DHA (22:5n-3). There is no direct pathway from EPA to DHA. EPA is not a precursor for DHA 

How does SmartZYME™ work for Cushings Disease and Metabolic Syndrome?

SmartZYME™'s metabolic enzymes directly convert glucose to healthy fats so that unhealthy saturated fats do not accummulate throughout the body.  Metabolic Syndrome can occur in every mammal, including humans. It is caused by the body’s inability to convert glucose to good fats. PhytoSmart DHA works like nature’s anti-freeze to circulate the solid white saturated fat, and metabolize it. It also helps to process excess glucose that may reverse diabetes.

Which “modern illnesses” are caused by the lack of SmartZYME™ and will SmartZYME™ help to reverse them?

We believe the lack of SmartZYME™ enzymes in the body can cause symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s Disease, Simple Obesity, and even Diabetes; simply metabolic malfunction. Problems with memory, cardiovascular circulation, mobility, and weight management are also caused by the lack of DHA in the body. 
Will SmartZYME™ enzymes survive the digestion process?

During digestion, proteins are digested to smaller molecules such as peptones, and then into amino acids. To some degree there will be enzyme attrition during digestion. However, the presence of live probiotic bacteria in the large intestine, shows that the stomach cannot completely digest all the in-coming protein. SmartZYME™’s cell walls are still intact, and work to protect the enzymes. The rate of DHA production should be extremely efficient, so only a small amount of surviving enzymes will produce additional DHA in the body. 

I understand EPA is missing in SmartZYME™. Doesn’t the lack of EPA causes any problem?

Contrary to the misconception that EPA is as important as DHA, which all the Omega 3 producers wants you to believe, there is no significant independent benefit that EPA offers over the benefit of all three commonly available Omega 3 FA, i.e. DHA, EPA, and ALA. ALA is known to be important that in the other enzymatic pathway, it acts as precursor to DHA. DHA is important because it is present in human cerebral cortex, and retina at large amount. EPA on the other hand does not offer any functional importance as the part of the membrane structure. However due to the fact that its more common availability, research communities have spent enormous amount of fund to prove it does have functions. It does not, other than the fact that all Omega 3 FA has lower melting temperature, and act as “Nature’s Antifreeze”. It is this authors guess, that may be the geometric structure of six double bonds gives DHA the particular orientation in the phospholipid layers that consists the cell membrane, to be an effective signal transfer site, and five, four, or even seven double bonds do not.

It is this author’s opinion, that concentrated EPA products may bring more harm than not, since it provides significant potential oxidation sites, and generally EPA’s concentration is higher than DHA in most of the fish oil extracts, it requires more than double the antioxidant to protect PUFA from oxidation. However, once seal is opened, antioxidant tocopherol’s oxidation is very fast and once they are saturated, EPA and DHA’s oxidation is rapid. It is said that within 90 days of opening, it can reach unacceptable level of oxidation.

Infant schizophrenia symptoms are diagnosed as enlarged ventricular cavity in their brain. Also, inside the brain, the existence of tocopherols are said to be able to use the oxidation stress in the area. Unnecessary amount of EPA in ventricular fluid, and they are oxidized along with oxidized DHA will bring the additional vitamin E inside the ventricular cavity, which may be the cause of some of such illnesses. Concentrated fish oil omega 3 (including krill oils) are imperfect products that can be toxic while in your kitchen.

  Why Choose SmartZYME™?

 Grain Free
So it has none of the Glutens that can Trigger Allergic Reactions in Some Pets
 Made in the USA
Cultivated and Grown in a Pristine and Controlled Environment in Maine.
Organic and Sustainably Grown Golden Algae
  All Natural 
Made with 100% all natural Ingredients without Fillers.
Preserved Fresh to Keep the Highest Bio- Available Amount of DHA producing Enzymes .
 Lab Tested
Quality Tested for Purity and Potency. 

Use SmartZYME™ Daily to Dramatically & Visibly Improve your Pets Quality of Life! 

 Your Pets Love SmartZYME™ and so will You!

We Guarantee It! 

We believe every pet should feel their very best so we want you to have the chance to give SmartZYME™ a try for a full 30 days. 
If you don't see visible results and your pet doesnt absolutely love it, send it back (even the empty packages) and we will refund your money. 

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