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Efficient, environmentally friendly packaging: Available in 5ml oxygen barrier packaging.  SmartZYME™ is brined with sterilized sea salt and added Vitamin C to preserve freshness. SmartZYME™ is shipped frozen. Please keep it refrigerated at home to ensure freshness and quality.  

One micropipette included

Sustainably produced, Natural, Non-GMO, Whole Cell, Protein-rich, Micro-algae, that contains DHA Omega 3 fatty acid complete with active DHA producing Enzymes


Ornamental Fish food treat that enhances fish health ,vitality, metabolism  and nutrition!

DHA is the most important Omega 3 fatty acid.  SmartZYME™ is not heat treated (raw and brine cured with added antioxidants) and is natural, whole cell nutrition, that has DHA and active DHA producing enzymes that  work to multiply the DHA value in your fish.


  • SmartZYME™ is easily added to fish and aquarium tanks using the micro-pipette included in each multi-pack. 

  • Food Chain: Ocean dwelling fish and krill do not have the DNA coding for the enzyme to produce DHA on their own. DHA and its enzyme comes from the algae they eat; the same kind of algae as found in SmartZYME™.  

  • Healthy Metabolism: Fish and animals do not naturally have the  enzyme to produce DHA and the other Omega 3 fatty acids. They get them from what they eat just like the fish in the oceans. Farmed animals, pets, fish and humans need these enzymes to produce healthy, liquid (brown) fat from the carbohydrates we eat. Otherwise saturated fats accumulate as solid (white) fats to make us feel sluggish and sick.

  • Enzymes:  Enzymes are proteins that work as catalysts to make something happen in the body. The enzymes in SmartZYME™  work to make DHA in the body. These enzymes keep working after digestion, to continue to produce DHA multiplying the amount of DHA in the body.

  • No harsh chemicals: SmartZYME™ Paste is produced without damaging heat that destroys  these important enzymes, nor toxic solvents or harsh chemicals.  It is natural wholesome nutrition.

  • No synthetic preservatives: Only sterilized sea salt is used as a natural preservative. Vitamin C is added for protection of DHA as antioxidant.

  • No artificial coloring, artificial flavors, antibiotics, growth hormone, nor fillers

  • High DHA content:  The active enzymes in SmartZYME™ work to produce much more DHA than fish oil can ever provide.

  • Wholesome nutrients: Natural Non-GMO algae, contains protein, carbohydrates, as well as fat.

  • Sustainable:  SmartZYME™ DHA Paste is cultured and harvested in a specially designed controlled environment. SmartZYME™ is not limited by the finite number of fish in the oceans that are susceptible to over-fishing, resource depletion, and the effects of pollution. We know exactly what goes in to our culture to make sure what is produced is pure, highest quality, natural whole cell DHA nutrition.

  • Vegan: No animal is killed to produce SmartZYME™

Suggested  Use:  

SmartZYME paste is heavier than water. Dispersed cells may remain emulsified in cloud formation for an hour, and then settle to  bottom.

For bottom feeding fin fish Use enclosed micro-pipette to dispense paste into tank. Paste will settle on bottom.

For bottom fish, such as sea anemone, corals, star fish, sea urchin, crustaceans, etc. 

Stir paste into water to dissolve. Then add to tank. Cloudy mixture may stay suspended in the water for an hour  to allow for feeding.

For small fin fish

Take desired amount of paste, reconstitute it in the enclosed pipette reservoir (unless larger amount is desired) with additional tank water. Then dispense mixture into tank.  While feeding, the gills will filter out the water, but the nutrient rich algae cells will get digested. Fish up to six inches may get nutrients in this manner.


After dispensing SmartZYME™ into the tank, the tank’s filter speed may be reduced or stopped temporarily while the fish feed on the nutrients to reduce tank filter clogging.