Frequently Asked Questions

• What is SmartZYME™?

SmartZYME™ is a safe, natural, non-GMO, vegan, whole-cell golden algae DHA nutritional supplement for your pet.  By/-offering your pet a daily serving of SmartZYME™, the DHA Omega-3 fatty acid protects and repairs your pet’s health from the inside out.

SmartZYME™ is grown and harvested from C. cohnii, a well-known species of golden micro-algae that grows in all oceans around the world.  This particular strain of algae possesses the metabolic enzymes that allow it to produce DHA internally. And C. cohnii is unique in that it produces only DHA; the most important Omega 3 fatty acid that directly converts glucose to healthy fats and inhibit saturated fat accumulation in the body.  
Further, SmartZYME™ is the only Omega 3 product that preserves the DHA Synthase Enzymes that work to produce additional DHA after consumption. To preserve its freshness, SmartZYME™ is packaged and cold-shipped to your door in convenient serving pouches.

• How can SmartZYME™ benefit my pet?

SmartZYME™ is unique among all DHA Omega 3 products because it is fresh, whole cell food, not a processed, over concentrated, extracted oil that is extremely susceptible to damaging oxidation. Because SmartZYME™ is the same form of DHA that is already found in the body, once consumed it goes to work immediately to help improve your pet’s health. SmartZYME™ is the most highly bioavailable DHA product you can feed to your pet. 

SmartZYME™‘s DHA has many benefits. It improves  mobility, circulation, cognition, reduces inflammation and allergic conditions and helps our pets stay active and vital throughout every stage of life. And the special metabolic enzymes that only SmartZYME™ offers keeps producing DHA  in your pet after consumption.

• How should I use SmartZYME™?

We ship SmartZYME™ cold to your door to maintain freshness. That is also why we package servings of  SmartZYME™ in oxygen barrier pouches. To thaw, either warm it in your hands for a few moments or immerse it in warm water (up to 115ºF so as not to inactivate the enzymes). Don’t worry if your product arrives thawed or thaws in your possession. Freeze the pouches that you will not use immediately and refrigerate the pouches that you will use first. Please refer to our website video to see how easy it is to use SmartZYME™ to exponentially improve your pet’s health.

• Is it possible to feed my pet too much SmartZYME? How should I start to feed my pet?

SmartZYME™ is a functional food, not a medicine, so you cannot overdose with it. We recommend feeding a smaller amount the first few days to gradually build up to the suggested amount.

• How long is SmartZYME™’s shelf life?

SmartZYME™ will last for over a year frozen. However, once it is in the refrigerator and ready for use, please feed it to your pet within 1 month. Think of SmartZYME™ as an item of fresh produce.

• Is SmartZYME™ vegan?

Yes, SmartZYME™ is vegan.  The sterile production process does not use any animal animal product or byproduct.

• What is DHA and why do animals and people need it?

DHA is the most important Omega 3 fatty acid. It is a necessary building block for brain development and critical to optimal cognitive function. In addition to brain health, DHA improves circulation, mobility, skin and coat while reducing inflammation and many allergic conditions. Animals and humans do not possess the enzymes to produce DHA internally and therefore rely largely on diet to ensure this important nutrient is present in their bodies.

• What health benefits does DHA Omega 3 provide my pet?

DHA Omega 3 has a significant antioxidant capacity to absorb the oxygen radicals that are believed to be the cause of inflammation, irritation, itch and pain present in many skin, mobility and other health conditions that our pets encounter.  Every infant formula is supplemented with DHA because it is critical to brain development and cognitive functioning throughout every stage of life. Due to its extremely low freezing point, DHA helps to keep everything moving throughout the body. We think of it as “Nature’s Antifreeze” because it does not allow unhealthy saturated fats to accumulate.

• Is DHA good for weight management?

Recent studies have shown that for both humans and animals, that DHA Omega 3 increases the body’s basal metabolic rate so that more calories are burned at rest, as well as when moving. Metabolic enzymes, such as those contained in SmartZYME™ that work to produce DHA, convert sugars such as glucose or fructose, to unsaturated “good” fats (DHA) instead of the unhealthy saturated fats that may condense and accumulate in the body.

• What exactly is an enzyme and what’s so special about the enzymes in SmartZYME™?

An enzyme is a protein catalyst that causes a reaction to occur in the body.   When enzymes are exposed to high temperatures, as they are during the manufacture of Omega 3 extracted oils, they become denatured (inactive) and ineffective.

Heat is used in the process to produce extracted Omega 3 oils, but it strips away these special enzymes that are needed to produce additional Omega 3 fatty acids.  SmartZYME™ is the only Omega 3 DHA product that preserves the algae’s enzymes to remain active and intact because our process does not use heat – we grow and process SmartZYME™ at room temperature and then freeze the resultant package to preserve its enzyme producing properties.

SmartZYME™ works to rebalance impaired metabolisms that can lead to illnesses such as Diabetes, Cushing’s Syndrome, Obesity, etc. that affect so many pets and people.

• Will SmartZYME™ enzymes survive the digestion process?

In mammals, proteins are digested into smaller enzyme peptones and amino acids in the stomach that can then be absorbed into the body to be stored and utilized in the liver cells.

• But I give fish oil to my pet. What’s the problem?

Fish oil is prone to oxidation, and oxidized PUFAs (poly-unsaturated fatty acids) can be toxic. If your pet consumes fish oil that has become oxidized, potentially damaging free radicals can enter their body and damage a variety of cell membranes. The stamped expiration date on extracted Omega 3 oil products offers protection from damaging oxidation only as long as the package seal remains unbroken. Once the contents of the package are exposed to the air, the clock starts ticking for the damaging peroxidation chain reaction to begin. That is why we safeguard SmartZYME™ from exposure to damaging oxidation by brining with sea salt, packaging it in  small serving oxygen barrier film, and shipping it to you cold.

• What is the nutritional composition of SmartZYME™? How much additional DHA will the DHA Synthase Enzymes in SmartZYME™ produce?

Protein: 484 mg Sea Salt: 275mg (110 mg NaCl) Fat: 58 mg

      DHA* (included in fat): 23mg
Carbohydrates: 129mgVitamin C (antioxidant): 50mg
*The DHA Synthase enzymes in SmartZYME™ produce more than 1,000 mg of additional DHA within 15 days.
Depending on the degree of your pet’s health, this is often more than enough time to witness dramatic improvement