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Phytosmart Founders & Pet Health Pros Hiro Hara and Dina Sisitsky

Founders Deena Sisitsky & Hiro Hara


Founder, Hiro Hara, grew up in a family of veterinarians in Japan. Each day, his mother would prepare food from scratch for their pets and those they boarded, all made with fresh ingredients from local farms and market stands. As animal health professionals, they understood the value of nutrients found only in fresh foods that are so important to keep pets and people active and vital throughout life.

As a scientist, Hiro has always looked for better solutions to problems and discovered the health benefits of algae as a bountiful source of nutrition and good health, especially for pets. Understanding that DHA is lacking from most modern diets and how critical this nutrient is to prevent unhealthy, saturated fats from accumulating in our bodies, giving rise to what we have come to term “modern illnesses” such as diabetes, obesity, etc. he developed a process to grow and harvest the safest and most highly bioavailable form of Omega 3 DHA, directly from the source: algae.

With co-founder Deena Sisitsky, drawing on her lifelong love of pets, interest in nutrition, health and pharma background, developed a proprietary system to continuously grow and harvest DHA that is safe, economical, and contaminant free.

Together they developed SmartZYME™ as a supplement to a pet’s regular food diet and your pet’s best bet for an active and vital prolonged life.