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The safest and healthiest alternative to fish oil. See our Science Page for details.

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SmartZYME™ is made for animals of all sizes. We offer 2 convenient options, one specially formulated for animals weighing 50 pounds or less and one specially formulated for larger animals. SmartZYME™ helps your pet overcome pains and aches, develop a shinier coat, eliminate ‘hot spots’, reduce allergic reactions, improve brain health and immunity, and more! Purchase our amazing product today and experience the significant improvements in your pet!

SmartZYME™ is a functional food that adds nutritional value to a pet’s diet. SmartZYME™  is not a medicine, it is a functional supplement.  It was developed to overcome the Omega 3 deficiency in most modern diets and is grown from ocean algae, not extracted from fish or krill. It is well known that Omega 3 DHA is among the most important nutrients for optimum health. It’s a necessary building block for cells, brain development and function, circulation, mobility, weight maintenance, and overall wellbeing. SmartZYME™ is the safest and healthiest source of omega 3 for dogs and any animal.

SmartZYME™ is a 100% natural, safe, non-GMO, vegan, ocean plant-based source of Omega 3 DHA, with nothing synthetic or artificial. No fillers. No gluten. It is a whole-cell DHA nutritional supplement grown and harvested from a species of golden algae. SmartZYMETM  offers your pet a daily serving of Omega 3 DHA that protects and repairs your pet’s health from the inside out. SmartZYME™ is packaged and cold-shipped to your door in convenient daily serving pouches.

A tasty, daily serving of SmartZYME™ added to your pet’s food is the easiest and safest way to put a spring in your pet’s step, a shine to their coat, and better health and vitality throughout their life. Your pet will love it and your veterinarian is sure to recommend you add SmartZYME™ to their daily diet.

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omega 3 for dogs and cats

We are what we eat. And that goes for our pets too.

We humans and our pets need to get Omega 3 DHA through the food we eat, but today, many nutrients are lost in processing. The health-savvy gain Omega 3 DHA’s health benefits through supplements, usually fish oil. A readily available source, but hardly a perfect solution. Every extracted fish oil package has a shorter shelf life than the date stamped on the package. As soon as the seal is broken the door opens to spoilage and toxicity as the contents are exposed to the air. That poses a danger to our pets and to us.

Fish eat ocean algae to acquire Omega 3 DHA, so why not get it directly from the source? That’s algae – the main ingredient in SmartZYME™. SmartZYME™ provides the safest, most convenient, and purest way to offer this critically missing nutrient to our pets. SmartZYME™ is not an extracted product as is salmon oil for dogs or cats so we do not get involved in comparing algae oil vs fish oil because In fact, SmartZYME™ is safer and far superior to EVERY extracted Omega 3 oil and is better than all products that promise optimum health. All extracted oils are potentially harmful to your pet—SmartZYME™ is not extracted oil, and not even one of the pet wellness blends that list Omega 3 oil as an ingredient can compete with the raw/fresh superiority of the DHA Omega 3 nutrition in every serving of SmartZYME™

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SmartZYME™ is not algae oil... but it is
Raw/Fresh Wholesome DHA Omega 3 Nutrition

All products that rely on Omega 3 oil are extracted from fish or directly from algae and are processed, over concentrated and extremely prone to damaging oxidation. In contrast, SmartZYME™ is a raw/fresh, wholesome food grown from ocean algae in a sterile facility without added processing, over concentration  or the synthetic additives that are in all extracted Omega 3 oils.

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SmartZYME™ is a functional food that is grown from a selected species of ocean algae and provides your pet algae Omega 3. When mixed daily into your pet’s favorite wet or dry food, SmartZYME™ promotes vitality and longevity. SmartZYME™ alone preserves active DHA producing metabolic enzymes that our selected algae naturally possess and thereby allows them to produce DHA internally.

No fish oil product has these special enzymes because fish oil producers use heat to extract and process the oil — killing these specials enzymes. The enzymes work to directly convert glucose to healthy fats helping unhealthy saturated fats to just melt away. Not only are ALL fish and even algal extracted oils missing these special enzymes, but every one of them are extremely prone to oxidation and potentially toxic — all within 90 days of opening the package. As soon as the contents are exposed to the air, the clock on damaging oxidation starts ticking!

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SmartZYME™ For Small Animals
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Our Animals are more than pets, they're family

Assure Your Pets The Health They Deserve


SmartZYME™ provides Omega 3 DHA for dogs, cats and in fact all animals.  It is the only product that preserves the active properties of these special enzymes. And SmartZYME™ is sustainably grown in our facility in the USA. So to ensure that your pet does not suffer the ill effects of an Omega 3 deficiency, feed them SmartZYME™ every day. If your pet is healthy, SmartZYME™ will keep them active and vital for many years to come, but if your pet is suffering from some health condition or needs to repair their metabolism, feeding them SmartZYME™ everyday will help to return them to the best of health in no time!


We understand how important pets are to our wellbeing and how much comfort they give us especially now. To assure our pets continue to be a valued family member, let’s make sure that they are experiencing the best in health and vitality. Every SmartZYME™ team member is a pet parent. We love our furry BFFs.  It is our mission… or as we like to say, “It’s why we get up in the morning” to make sure they are loved and feeling their best!  Help us care for your pet’s health as we care for our own by mixing a serving of SmartZYME™ into their food every day.

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The Safe Alternative

SmartZYME™ will maintain your pet’s health and repair many of those bothersome issues like hot spots, itchy skin and more. It’s all possible because SmartZYME™ is a food naturally grown from ocean algae – the source of DHA. And of even more importance, SmartZYME™ is the only Omega 3 product available that preserves the activity of the algae’s special metabolic enzymes. After eating SmartZYME™, the enzymes continue to work to multiply the amount of DHA in the body by directly converting sugars into healthy fats naturally. This benefit unique to SmartZYME™ is in addition to all the goodness derived from DHA for cognition, mobility, circulation and more.

Alternative to fish oil for cats and dogs

Feeding your furry friend SmartZYME™ daily keeps them healthy. If you are new to SmartZYME™, we offer a starter pack and suggest that you buy a 90 day supply of daily servings for the price of 60. Click here to purchase. Please browse our website to read a selection of Pet Stories that show  how other pet parents have found amazing results and are now champions of SmartZYME™. When you read and listen to the information on the Veterinarian Insights page, you’ll find that Dr. Jeff Feinman, a world renowned holistic veterinarian will support the use of SmartZYME™. And on the Science page we describe the basis for why SmartZYME™ is so good for your pet.

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“I must tell you the change I’ve seen in my Moppie since I started giving her SmartZYME™."

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“My dog Max wouldn’t even get off the couch before SmartZYME™. Now he meets me at the door and wants to go hiking again."

– Jess & Max

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"They are growing, happy, playful and no more shedding or anxious behaviors. They love it and I love it!"

– Karen C. – Mushu & Kai

Our Animals are more than pets, they're family

The Science Behind It All

Neither we humans nor our pets, in fact no multi-celled organism have the ability to produce DHA internally. Certain species of algae, however, do produce DHA internally due to the special metabolic enzymes they possess. Since we cannot generate DHA naturally, we need to get DHA Omega 3 nutrition through the food we eat. A daily serving of DHA not only ensures optimum brain development, health and vitality throughout life, but also serves to reduce inflammation throughout the body to improve circulation, mobility, allergic conditions and more.

krill oil for dogs - Not the perfect solution

Today many nutrients are lost in processing leaving us and our pets to suffer from Omega 3 deficiency. So the health-savvy among us try to gain DHA Omega 3 health benefits through pet vitamins and supplements, usually fish oil for cats or dogs either from krill or some cold water fish like salmon or mackerel. While we may think this a readily available source, it is hardly a perfect solution. Not only is the harvesting of fish oil from wild caught fish unsustainable and upsets the ocean ecosystem, but every extracted fish oil package regardless of whether it is salmon oil for dogs, algae oil or even algae oil vs fish oil, has a shorter shelf life than the date stamped on the package. As soon as the seal is broken the door opens to spoilage and toxicity as the contents become exposed to the air. That poses a danger to our pets and to us.

Our all-natural algae Omega 3 supplement SmartZYME™ is a safer alternative to all extracted Omega 3 oils, which can quickly oxidize and become toxic if consumed. SmartZYME™ helps protect dogs from illnesses that fish oil or even algae Omega 3 oil doesn’t aid — such as diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, brain dysfunction, and others because SmartZYME™ alone preserves the special metabolic enzymes that only algae possesses that allow it to produce DHA internally. No extracted Omega 3 oil product can make this claim because any of these enzymes that are acquired by the fish when eating the ocean algae are stripped away during the production process. When providing Omega 3 for dogs, cats and for all your animals, choose SmartZYME™, it’s the safest DHA nutrition you can find.

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SmartZYME™ differentiates itself from most organic dog supplements, and cat supplements also, because SmartZYME™ is naturally grown (not processed) without artificial or synthetic added ingredients. SmartZYME™ is a high nutrition value food suitable for all companion animals without artificial or synthetic additives and is the best Omega 3 product for dogs and cats on the market. Read the labels of other natural dog supplements (and cats too) on the shelves at your local pet food shop. You will find that every extracted oil Omega 3 product contains synthetic or artificial ingredients.