Brings out the best in your Pets

We are what we eat...
And that goes for our pets too.

It is well known that OMEGA-3 DHA is among the most important nutrients for
optimum health. It’s a necessary building block for cells, brain development
and function, circulation, mobility, weight maintenance, and overall

We humans and our pets need to get OMEGA-3 DHA through the food we eat, but
today, many nutrients are lost in processing. So the health-savvy gain Omega
3 DHA’s health benefits through supplements, usually fish oil. A readily
available source, but hardly a perfect solution. Every extracted fish oil oil package has a shorter shelf life than the date stamped on the package. As soon as the seal is broken the door opens to spoilage and toxicity as the contents are exposed to the air. That poses a danger to our pets and to us.

Fish eat the ocean algae to acquire Omega-3 DHA, so why not get it
directly from the source? That’s algae – the main ingredient in SmartZYME™. SmartZYME™ provides the safest, most convenient, and purest way to offer this critically missing nutrient to our

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SmartZYME™ is a 100% natural, safe, non-GMO, vegan, ocean plant based source of Omega-3 DHA, with nothing synthetic or artificial. No fillers. No gluten. It is a whole-cell DHA nutritional supplement grown and harvested from a species of golden algae that offers your pet a daily serving of Omega-3 DHA that protects and repairs your pet’s health from the inside out. SmartZYME™ is packaged and cold-shipped to your door in convenient serving pouches.

A tasty, daily serving of SmartZYME™ added to your pet’s food is the easiest and safest way to put a spring in your pet’s step, a shine to their coat, and better health and vitality throughout their life.

Your pet will love SmartZYME™
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